Seminar with retired FBI Special Agent Kathy Stearman – September 16, 2022

The MSc Forensic Science students had the honor of retired FBI Special Agent Kathy Stearman making a special trip all the way to the University of Amsterdam to give us a seminar in-person! She provided amazing insight into her experience as a legal attaché, how it felt working in such a male dominated field, and encouragement to learn all we can from our peers. Her open, honest dialogue about the difficulties that stem from the law enforcement and forensic science fields were so appreciated, along with all the advice she shared. If you’d like to know more about her impressive career and life experiences, make sure to check out her book, It’s Not About the Gun: Lessons from My Global Career as a Female FBI Agent.

If you just want to rewatch the seminar, or you were unable to come, click here to watch it.

(Note, this was not recorded professionally; it was just on a computer, so the camera quality is not the greatest. Also, I apologize for the kind of wobbly camera in the first 30 seconds).